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Communication Tactics Inc offers communication training in Seattle, WA. Our trainers will teach you and your team how to communicate effectively, especially in a crisis. We even teach a unique course specifically for women to learn about the challenges they may face while in a leadership position, and how women can use their strengths to improve communication skills and leadership abilities.

Communication Tactics Inc specializes in crisis communication, which specifically teaches you how to uphold your organization's reputation. In addition, you will learn how to handle difficult situations with credibility. Some possible situations where your communication training will prove useful include dealing with reporters and other media, as well as handling questions with honest and positive answers.

Communication Tactics Inc offers both half and full day communication seminars that include relevant issues and real life situations for role-playing. In addition, all practice sessions during training are videotaped to provide you with immediate feedback. Group workshops are also available to help your entire team learn effective communication skills, and put those newly acquired strategies into practice.

The newest course offered at Communication Tactics Inc is designed specifically for women in leadership. We provide a professional instructor that will explore the differences in communication styles between genders. Women will learn how to best utilize their strengths to impact presentations and other business settings, while honing the ability to negotiate and maintain positive leadership status. Come to Communication Tactics Inc for expert communication skills coaching. Be sure to ask about the variety of training opportunities we offer.

Our professional staff will improve your team’s communication, so you can run a successful organization!

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